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        VMware Trademarks and Registered Trademarks


        The following is a list of VMware's trademarks and registered trademarks in the United States and certain other countries. Please note, however, that this listing is not all-inclusive and the absence of any mark from this list does not mean that it is not a VMware trademark.


        Cloud Cred?

        DevOps Extension for vRealize? Automation Enterprise

        Global Connect?


        My VMware?

        My VMware Mobile?

        Pivotal CF for VMware?

        Platform Services Controller?

        Project Lightwave?

        Project Photon OS?

        Socialcast? by VMware

        Socialcast Reach?


        VMTN Subscriptions? Data Center

        VMTN Subscriptions? Desktop

        VMTN Subscriptions? Expert

        VMware Accelerate?

        VMware ACE? ?

        VMware Airwatch?

        VMware Airwatch? Express?

        VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care?

        VMware App Volumes?

        VMware AppCatalyst?

        VMware AppDefense?

        VMware Authorized Consultant

        VMware Authorized Training Center?

        VMware Capacity Planner?

        VMware Certified Professional

        VMware Cloud?

        VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace?

        VMware Cloud Foundation?

        VMware Cloud Provider?

        VMware Collaboration Bundle?

        VMware Consolidated Backup?

        VMware Continuent? for Analytics and Big Data

        VMware Continuent? for Clustering

        VMware Continuent? for Disaster Recovery

        VMware Continuent? for Replication

        VMware Corporate Reseller

        VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture?

        VMware Cross-Cloud Infrastructure?

        VMware Cross-Cloud Platform?

        VMware Cross-Cloud Services?

        VMware DaaS? Partner Program

        VMware Data Center Command Line Interface?

        VMware Data Recovery

        VMware Developer Network

        VMware Disaster Recovery OnDemand?

        VMware Discovery?

        VMware ESX?

        VMware ESXi?

        VMware Fusion?

        VMware Fusion? Pro

        VMware Horizon?

        VMware Horizon? Advanced Edition

        VMware Horizon? Advanced for EVO:RAIL?

        VMware Horizon? Air?

        VMware Horizon? Application Management? Bundle

        VMware Horizon? Application Manager?

        VMware Horizon? Client

        VMware Horizon? Cloud Manager?

        VMware Horizon? DaaS?

        VMware Horizon? DaaS? Platform for Service Providers

        VMware Horizon? Enterprise Edition

        VMware Horizon? Fast Track Program

        VMware Horizon? for Linux

        VMware Horizon? View? Foundation on VSPP?

        VMware Horizon? View? Standard Edition

        VMware Infrastructure Planner?

        VMware? Integrated OpenStack

        Workspace ONE Access?

        VMware IT Finance Manager?

        VMware IT Service Level Manager?

        VMware IT Vendor Manager?

        VMware Learning Platform?

        VMware Migration Manager?

        VMware NSX?

        VMware NSX? API?

        VMware NSX? Cloud

        VMware NSX? Controller?

        VMware NSX? Data Center

        VMware NSX? Edge?

        VMware NSX? Hybrid Connect?

        VMware NSX? Manager?

        VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud?

        VMware NSX? Services?

        VMware NSX? Virtual Switch?

        VMware NSX? for Multi-Hypervisor?

        VMware NSX? for vSphere?

        VMware NSX-T Data Center?

        VMware NSX-V Certification?

        VMware OEM Network

        VMware Partner Central?

        VMware Partner Exchange?

        VMware Partner University?



        VMware Photon?

        VMware Photon? Controller

        VMware Photon? Machine

        VMware Power CLI

        VMware Pulse? IoT Center

        VMware Ready?

        VMware Remote Console?

        VMware Sales Professional

        VMware Secure State?

        VMware Server?

        VMware Service Manager?

        VMware Site Recovery Manager?

        VMware Site Recovery Manager? Air?

        VMware Skyline?

        VMware Software Administrator?

        VMware Solution Provider

        VMware Studio?

        VMware Support ToGo

        VMware System Builder

        VMware Technical Sales Professional

        VMware Technology Alliance Partner

        VMware ThinApp?

        VMware Tools?

        VMware TrustPoint?

        VMware Dynamic Environment Manager?

        VMware Value Manager?

        VMware vCenter?

        VMware vCenter? AccessPoint?

        VMware vCenter? Application Discovery Manager?

        VMware vCenter? Application Stack Manager?

        VMware vCenter? AppSpeed?

        VMware vCenter? CapacityIQ?

        VMware vCenter? Chargeback Manager?

        VMware vCenter? Converter?

        VMware vCenter? Lab Manager?

        VMware vCenter? Lifecycle Manager?

        VMware vCenter? Orchestrator Appliance?

        VMware vCenter Server?

        VMware vCenter Server? - Java Components

        VMware vCenter Server? - tc Server

        VMware vCenter Server? Appliance?

        VMware vCenter Server? for Essentials?

        VMware vCenter Server? Foundation?

        VMware vCenter Server? Heartbeat?

        VMware vCenter Server? Standard?

        VMware vCenter? Single Sign-On

        VMware vCenter? Stage Manager?

        VMware vCenter? Support Assistant?

        VMware vClient?

        VMware vCloud?

        VMware vCloud? Air?

        VMware vCloud? Application Director?

        VMware vCloud? Application Director? for Provisioning

        VMware vCloud? Application Director? for Release Automation

        VMware vCloud? Architecture Toolkit?

        VMware vCloud? Availability for vCloud Directory?

        VMware vCloud Client? for iPad

        VMware vCloud Connector?

        VMware vCloud Connector? 2.0 Advanced

        VMware vCloud Connector? 2.0 Core

        VMware vCloud Datacenter Services?

        VMware vCloud Director?

        VMware vCloud? Distributed Storage?

        VMware vCloud? Government Service? provided by Carpathia

        VMware vCloud? Hybrid Service?

        VMware vCloud? Hybrid Service? - Disaster Recovery

        VMware vCloud? Networking and Security App?

        VMware vCloud? Networking and Security Data Security?

        VMware vCloud? Networking and Security Edge?

        VMware vCloud? Networking and Security Manager?

        VMware vCloud? Networking and Security?

        VMware vCloud? Networking and Security? Advanced Edition

        VMware vCloud? Networking and Security? Standard Edition

        VMware vCloud? NFV?

        VMware vCloud? Premier Service Provider Bundle

        VMware vCloud? SDK for Java

        VMware vCloud? SDK for PHP

        VMware vCloud? Standard Service Provider Bundle

        VMware vCloud Suite?

        VMware vExpert?

        VMware vFabric?

        VMware View? Client with Local Mode

        VMware View? Composer?

        VMware View? Manager?

        VMware Virsto?

        VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace

        VMware Virtual Partner Network

        VMware Virtualization Forum

        VMware vLockstep?

        VMware VMsafe?



        VMware vRealize?

        VMware vRealize Air? Suite

        VMware vRealize Air? Automation

        VMware vRealize Air? Business Advanced

        VMware vRealize Air? Business Enterprise

        VMware vRealize Air? Compliance

        VMware vRealize Air? Compliance Hardening for vSphere?

        VMware vRealize Air? Compliance Hardening Security and Regulatory?

        VMware vRealize Air? Cloud Management Platform?

        VMware vRealize Air? Operations

        VMware vRealize? Application Services?

        VMware vRealize? Automation?

        VMware vRealize? Automation Advanced Public Cloud Extension?

        VMware vRealize? Automation Desktop?

        VMware vRealize? Automation Development Kit?

        VMware vRealize? Automation Enterprise Public Cloud Extension?

        VMware vRealize? Automation Upgrade Assistant?

        VMware vRealize? Business?

        VMware vRealize? Business? for Cloud

        VMware vRealize? Business Metrics?

        VMware vRealize? Code Stream?

        VMware vRealize? Configuration Manager?

        VMware vRealize? Hyperic?

        VMware vRealize? Infrastructure Navigator?

        VMware vRealize? IT Benchmark Starter Kit?

        VMware vRealize? IT Benchmarking?

        VMware vRealize? Log Insight?

        VMware vRealize? Log Insight? Content Pack?

        VMware vRealize? Log Insight? for NSX?

        VMware vRealize? Log Insight? for vCenter?

        VMware vRealize? Operations?

        VMware vRealize? Operations for Horizon?

        VMware vRealize? Operations for Published Applications?

        VMware vRealize? Operations Insight?

        VMware vRealize? Operations Manager?

        VMware vRealize? Operations Manager? for Horizon?

        VMware vRealize? Operations Management Pack?

        VMware vRealize? Operations Public Cloud Extension?

        VMware vRealize? Suite

        VMware vRealize? Suite Advanced

        VMware vRealize? Suite Enterprise

        VMware vRealize? Orchestrator?

        VMware vSAN?

        VMware vSAN ReadyNode?

        VMware vShield?

        VMware vShield App?

        VMware vShield Data Security?

        VMware vShield Edge?

        VMware vShield Endpoint?

        VMware vShield Manager?

        VMware vShield Zones?

        VMware vSphere?

        VMware vSphere? 2015

        VMware vSphere? Advanced Edition?

        VMware vSphere? Authentication Proxy

        VMware vSphere? Auto Deploy?

        VMware vSphere? Big Data Extensions?

        VMware vSphere? Client for iPad

        VMware vSphere? Data Protection?

        VMware vSphere? Data Protection? Advanced

        VMware vSphere? DirectPath I/O?

        VMware vSphere? Distributed Power Management?

        VMware vSphere? Distributed Resource Scheduler?

        VMware vSphere? Distributed Switch?

        VMware vSphere? Enterprise Edition?

        VMware vSphere? Enterprise Plus Edition?

        VMware vSphere? Essentials Kit

        VMware vSphere? Essentials Kit for Retail and Branch Offices

        VMware vSphere? Essentials Plus Kit

        VMware vSphere? Essentials Plus Kit for Retail and Branch Offices

        VMware vSphere? ESXi? Dump Collector

        VMware vSphere? ESXi? Image Builder CLI

        VMware vSphere? ESXi? Shell

        VMware vSphere? Fault Tolerance

        VMware vSphere? Flash Read Cache?

        VMware vSphere? High Availability

        VMware vSphere? Hypervisor

        VMware vSphere? Integrated Containers?

        VMware vSphere? I/O Analyzer

        VMware vSphere? Management Assistant

        VMware vSphere? Management SDK

        VMware vSphere? Microserver (Standard and Advanced)

        VMware vSphere? Network I/O Control

        VMware vSphere? Operator Model SDK for Java

        VMware vSphere? PowerCLI?

        VMware vSphere? Remote Office Branch Office? Advanced

        VMware vSphere? Remote Office Branch Office? Standard

        VMware vSphere? Replication?

        VMware vSphere? SDK for Perl

        VMware vSphere? Service Manager?

        VMware vSphere? Standard Edition?

        VMware vSphere? Storage APIs - Array Integration

        VMware vSphere? Storage APIs - Data Protection

        VMware vSphere? Storage APIs - Multipathing

        VMware vSphere? Storage Appliance?

        VMware vSphere? Storage DRS?

        VMware vSphere? Storage I/O Control

        VMware vSphere? Storage Path Monitoring

        VMware vSphere? Storage Profile

        VMware vSphere? Storage vMotion?

        VMware vSphere? Syslog Collector

        VMware vSphere? Thin Provisioning

        VMware vSphere? Update Manager?

        VMware vSphere? Update Manager Client?

        VMware vSphere? vApp(s)?

        VMware vSphere? Virtual Disk Profile

        VMware vSphere? Virtual SCSI Adapter

        VMware vSphere? Virtual Symmetric Multiprocessing

        VMware vSphere? Virtual Volumes?

        VMware vSphere? VMFS

        VMware vSphere? vMotion?

        VMware vSphere? Web Client

        VMware vSphere? with Operations Management?

        VMware vSphere? with Operations Management? Standard Edition

        VMware Workspace ONE?

        VMware Workspace? Suite

        VMware Workstation Player?

        VMware Workstation Pro?


        Wavefront? by VMware