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        Products by Category

        Build or Expand Your Digital Foundation Software-Defined Cloud, Mobility, Networking, and Security Solutions from VMware

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        Software-Defined Data Center Platform 

        Establish your software-defined digital foundation with industry-leading technologies.

        VMware Cloud Foundation

        Integrated cloud infrastructure and management services for private and public cloud.

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        VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

        Delivers edge and data center infrastructure as-a-service. Click for more information.

        Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure 

        Evolve your IT architecture easily with cloud infrastructure for virtual data centers. Learn More


        Industry-leading server virtualization platform; the ideal foundation for any cloud environment.

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        VMware Enterprise PKS

        Production-grade Kubernetes for multi-cloud enterprises and service providers.

        vCloud Availability for vCloud Director

        vCloud Availability for vCloud Director enables VMware Cloud Providers to offer simple, cost-effective cloud-based disaster recovery services.

        Cloud Provider Pod

        VMware Cloud Provider Pod is an automated and tested Software-Defined Data Center product for Cloud Providers. It enables one-click deployment and configuration of private and public clouds.

        vCenter Server

        Centralized platform for managing vSphere environments across hybrid cloud.

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        vSphere Integrated Containers

        Enterprise container infrastructure for traditional and containerized applications.

        vCloud Director

        vCloud Director is for Cloud Providers that want to build differentiated cloud services that are inherently hybrid-aware.

        Networking and Security 

        Secure and operate apps and data everywhere with consistent and pervasive connectivity. Learn More

        NSX Data Center

        Network virtualization and security platform for the software-defined data center (SDDC).

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        VMware HCX

        Tool that delivers secure, WAN-optimized data center extension capabilities and workload mobility.

        VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud

        Platform to access cloud services, private data centers, and SaaS-based applications.

        VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

        Multi-cloud load balancing, web application firewall and application analytics on a single, software-defined platform.

        NSX Cloud

        Micro-segmentation security software for applications running natively in public clouds.

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        vRealize Network Insight

        Software for building optimized and secure network infrastructure across multi-cloud environments.

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        Data center endpoint security product that protects applications running in virtualized environments.

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        Storage & Availability 

        Enhance and simplify your storage architecture with software-defined storage technologies. Learn More


        Flash-optimized, vSphere-native storage for private and public cloud.

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        VMware Site Recovery

        On-demand disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offering that protects workloads anywhere.

        Site Recovery Manager

        Fast and reliable disaster recovery software that protects virtualized applications.

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        Virtual Volumes

        Industry-wide framework that streamlines storage operations and offers freedom of choice.

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        Hyperconverged Infrastructure 

        Integrate compute, storage, and networking into a single, easy-to-manage, software-defined platform. Learn More


        Flash-optimized, vSphere-native storage for private and public cloud.

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        Dell EMC VxRail

        Turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure appliance with full VMware integration.

        Cloud Management Platform 

        Manage hybrid environments running anything from traditional to container workloads with a unified platform. Learn More

        vRealize Suite

        Hybrid cloud management platform for building apps securely and consistently in any cloud.

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        vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

        vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager delivers complete software lifecycle management capabilities for vRealize Suite products. It helps customers accelerate time to value by automating the deployment, configuration, and upgrades of the suite.

        vCloud Suite

        Enterprise-ready private cloud software that combines the vSphere hypervisor and vRealize Suite.

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        vRealize Operations

        Unified management platform for planning and scaling SDDC and multi-cloud infrastructure.

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        vRealize Automation

        Software to accelerate the delivery of IT services with automation and pre-defined policies.

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        vRealize Business for Cloud

        Application providing cloud cost analysis, consumption metering, and business insights.

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        VMware Integrated OpenStack

        Distribution that runs enterprise-grade OpenStack on top of VMware infrastructure.

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        vRealize Log Insight

        vRealize Log Insight delivers heterogeneous and highly scalable log management with intuitive, actionable dashboards, sophisticated analytics and broad third party extensibility.

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        vRealize Code Stream

        vRealize Code Stream provides release automation and continuous delivery to enable frequent, reliable software releases while reducing operational risks.

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        vRealize Orchestrator

        vRealize Orchestrator lets you develop complex automation tasks, then access and launch workflows from the VMware vSphere client, various components of VMware vCloud Suite or other triggering mechanisms.

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        Wavefront by VMware

        Wavefront by VMware is a SaaS-based metrics monitoring and analytics platform that handles the high-scale requirements of modern cloud-native applications.

        Digital Workspace 

        Deliver anytime, anywhere access to all applications, services, and resources to any device.

        Workspace ONE

        Deliver and manage any app on any device with our intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that integrates access control, application management and unified endpoint management (UEM) powered by AirWatch technology.

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        Workspace ONE Intelligence

        Improve user experience and security across your entire digital workspace with insights, app analytics, and automation.

        Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management Powered by AirWatch

        Manage every device and every use case and ensure security at every layer with Workspace ONE UEM, powered by industry-leading AirWatch technology.

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        Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps

        Improve app performance and user experience on your mobile apps.


        Desktop and Application Virtualization 

        Streamline your approach to delivering, protecting, and managing desktops and applications. Learn More

        Horizon 7

        Leading platform for managing virtual desktops (VDI), apps, and online services.

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        Horizon Cloud

        Flexible cloud platform for hosting virtual desktops and apps.

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        Horizon Apps

        Unified workspace for published, SaaS, and mobile apps.

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        App Volumes

        Real-time application delivery software with lifecycle management.

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        Desktop and Application Virtualization Management 

        Streamline management, consolidate control, automate delivery, and protect end user compute resources including VMware and Citrix virtual desktops and published apps.

        NSX for Horizon

        NSX for Horizon is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) networking solution with policies that dynamically follow desktops.

        vSAN for Horizon

        With VMware vSAN, customers can drive down the cost of getting started and take advantage of a number of pre-configured appliances optimized for Horizon, including vSAN ReadyNodes and Dell EMC VxRail.

        vRealize Operations for Horizon

        vRealize Operations for Horizon is a monitoring and reporting tool to manage your Horizon and XenDesktop/XenApp environments.

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        VMware ThinApp is an agentless application virtualization solution that isolates applications from their underlying operating systems to eliminate application conflict and streamline delivery and management.

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        Personal Desktop 

        Run multiple operating systems on a single PC or Mac. Learn More

        Fusion for Mac

        Application for running multiple operating systems on Mac.

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        Workstation Pro

        Application for running multiple operating systems on Windows and Linux.

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        Workstation Player

        Simple tool for running a second OS on your Windows or Linux PC, free for personal use.

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        Applications and Data Platform 

        Leverage the efficiencies of a virtualized infrastructure that is ideal to develop and deploy modern applications. Take advantage of lightweight footprints that allow for greater consolidation ratios and improved utilization.

        Pivotal App Suite

        Pivotal App Suite is Pivotal’s middleware platform used by developers and ops to build and run cloud-scale custom applications.

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        Pivotal GemFire

        Pivotal GemFire is a distributed data management platform especially useful for high-volume, latency-sensitive, mission-critical, transactional systems.

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        Pivotal RabbitMQ

        Pivotal RabbitMQ is a protocol-based highly scalable, and easy-to-deploy queuing system that makes handling message traffic virtually effortless.

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        Pivotal tc Server

        Pivotal tc Server is a lightweight Java application server that extends Apache Tomcat for use in large-scale mission-critical environments.

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        Telco Cloud 

        Create and scale virtual network functions based on real-time demand with a software-defined network infrastructure. Learn More

        vCloud NFV

        Multi-tenant platform with compute, storage, networking, management, and operations capabilities.

        VMware Smart Assurance

        Automated service assurance for physical and virtual network management.

        VMware Integrated OpenStack Carrier Edition

        Carrier-grade OpenStack solution with the fastest path to a fully operational environment.

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        VMware Smart Experience

        Real-time streaming analytics for mobile operators.

        Edge and Internet of Things (IoT) 

        Use data from a growing global network of internet-enabled objects to automate tasks and gain better business insights.

        Pulse IoT Center

        Secure, enterprise-grade solution for IoT device management and monitoring.


        Free Products 

        Save money by virtualizing servers with the industry’s best hypervisor. Safely try new software in isolated virtual machines on your PC and quickly convert physical to virtual machines – all for free.

        vSphere Hypervisor

        Free, bare-metal hypervisor that virtualizes servers, so you can consolidate applications on less hardware.

        Free Download 

        vCenter Converter

        Software that transforms Windows- and Linux-based physical machines into virtual machines.

        Free Download