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        Support Offerings

        Learn about our support offerings, including on premise, hosted and developer support.

        Compare Support Offerings

        Compare hours of operation, access methods, length of service and more for all our support offerings.

        Renew or Upgrade Support

        Learn how to renew or upgrade your VMware support and subscription contracts.

        Support Policies

        Get the details on our support policies, from acceleration kits to U.S. federal technical support.

        Support & Subscription Terms & Conditions

        Read the technical details of our support and subscription terms and conditions.

        Products Globalization Guide

        Read the Products Globalization Guide to get an overview of our language support by product.?

        Products Reaching End of Support

        Review the list of products reaching end of support by the end of this calendar year.

        Technical Support Welcome Guide

        Learn about our support best practices, lifecycle process and more.

        Lifecycle Policies

        Review the support policies for different points in our product lifecycles.

        Lifecycle Product Matrix

        Review the Lifecycle Product Matrix to see general availability, end of availability and end of support dates for all products.

        Support by Product Matrix

        Read details on our support offerings by product.